Marcella Calabi has been a Process and Communications Consultant since 1998, when she founded her practice under the name Clarityworks. She helps individuals and institutions to articulate and execute their vision, discern the path through intricate or entangled issues, manage complex collaborations, and make difficult decisions, clearing the way for both greater success and greater joy.

Ms. Calabi brings to this practice a unique combination of analytical, problem-solving and verbal skills; teaching experience in over 30 years of individual coaching and stints at Vassar, Harvard and SUSB; coursework in pertinent aspects of Decision Science at Columbia as well as Roger Fisher’s course at the Harvard Negotiation Project/Harvard Law School; MM and MA SUNY Stony Brook, BA Harvard. Her most recent accreditation is as a Certified Focusing Professional for teaching and guiding clients in a profound inner-listening paradigm called Focusing (Gendlinian and Inner Relationship).

She has been a contract mediator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and pro bono for the NYState Unified Court System’s community conflict resolution program. Her “apprenticeships” in leadership and relationship management were service as President of the Board of a 600-unit Manhattan co-op in its formative years, and as co-founder and chair of a community organization that ultimately gave an entire neighborhood its new nickname.

Ms. Calabi is also a classical soprano, performing as a soloist and teaching voice for singers, for public speakers, and as path to self-actualization. What this work has in common with Clarityworks is a passion for helping people to find and to live from their fullest, truest, free-est voice — whether that is understood as the physical voice and how we use it to express ourselves, personally or practically or artistically; or as our voice in the world — how we communicate, interact, and accomplish what we choose to do.