1. What is Theatre Within's Annual John Lennon Tribute?

Theatre Within's Annual John Lennon Tribute is the longest running Lennon Tribute concert in the world and one of just two Lennon Tribute concerts (the other being in Japan) sanctioned by Yoko Ono. It began as a small neighborhood gathering and has grown over the years into a full-scale production with top artists. Previous performers include Jackson Browne, Patti Smith, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Judy Collins, Steve Earle, Taj Mahal, Martin Sexton, Joan Osborne, Aimee Mann, Bettye LaVette and David Bromberg.

2. What is Theatre Within?

Theatre Within is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that fosters individual growth and social good through the performing arts. We do this by creating opportunities for the artist in each of us to be nourished and for performing artists to give back to the world through their art. John Lennon is an inspiration to us because he exemplified this link: He was courageous and honest in pursuing his own growth as an individual; he used his art as a vehicle for that growth and as a platform to inspire positive social change and for the pursuit of peace. Theatre Within was founded as an experimental performance workshop in 1962 by maverick director Alec Rubin. Early workshop members included Al Pacino and Jerome Ragni, co-author of Hair. Theatre Within was founded as a non-profit in 2006 by veteran workshop member and long-time MAD Magazine Editor, Joe Raiola, who now serves as President/Artistic Director.

3. Where does the money generated by the Tribute go?

Over the years, in addition to supporting Theatre Within programs, including the John Lennon Real Love Project, the Tribute has raised money to help feed the hungry, build music schools in the Third World, fund disaster relief, and support Spirit Foundations, established in 1978 by John and Yoko to assist humanitarian causes around the world.

4. Where does the money to produce the Tribute come from?

The funds to produce the Tribute come from a growing number of contributors and loans. Since the Tribute has evolved from a small neighborhood gathering to a professional concert, we've had to borrow money most every year since 2008 to cover production costs. Thanks to our generous supporters we’ve borrowed less in recent years, however funding for the Tribute remains an ongoing challenge.

5. What is Friends of the Annual John Lennon Tribute?

Launched in 2013, Friends of the Annual John Lennon Tribute is our annual fundraising initiative, the proceeds from which help fund the Tribute and our other programs and projects.

6. How do I join Friends of the Annual John Lennon Tribute?

To join Friends of the Annual John Lennon Tribute click here. To express our heartfelt thanks to supporters, we offer a variety of thank you gifts. These gifts include John Lennon and Beatles CDs and DVDs, books, special autographed items and VIP tickets to the Tribute.

7. How can I stay up to date on the latest Annual John Lennon Tribute news?

Sign up for our email list at LennonTribute.org and follow us at facebook.com/annualjohnlennontribute.